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V Programming Language

  • Actively involved and well regarded in the V community, including participating in discussions, providing support, and moving the language forward.
  • Recognized for expertise in V programming language and its ecosystem, with contributions acknowledged by fellow team members.
$ cat > a.v << EOF
fn main() {
	println("Hello WASI!")
$ v -b wasm a.v # implicit WASI target
$ wasmer a.wasm
Hello WASI!

V programs can be compiled to WASM via Emscripten, but a native WASM backend is being developed by l-m:

> twitter.com/v_language

V now has a new wasm module with a pure V implementation of the wasm bytecode module format!

> twitter.com/v_language


  • Low-level WebAssembly programming, with a strong understanding of the WebAssembly MVP binary format spec.
  • Developing the native WebAssembly backend for the V programming language and a low level seralisation library, aiming for 100% spec completion.
  • Just import wasm!
import wasm // < l-m
import os

mut m := wasm.Module{}
mut f := m.new_function('num', [], [.i32_t])
	f.i32_const(10) // | i32.const 10
	f.i32_const(15) // | i32.const 15
	f.add(.i32_t)   // | i32.add
m.commit(f, true) // export: true
os.write_file_array('num.wasm', m.compile())!
  • Emscripten development in C and C++, compiling graphical interactive programs to WebAssembly, using libraries such as SDL2, sokol, and ImGui.

> l-m.dev/physics-applied

  • A collection of interactive demonstrations and simulations. Completely open source, written entirely in C. ImGui and sokol.


A stack based compiled systems programming language.

include <std.stas>

fn main {
	'Hello world!\n' puts
  1. 356 byte hello world static executable.
  2. Leverages native system calls for Linux and FreeBSD.
  3. The stas compiler is entirely selfhosted.
  4. Build an identical compiler in 80ms!
$ hyperfine './stas stas.stas'
Benchmark 1: ./stas stas.stas
  Time (mean ± σ):      79.5 ms ±   1.0 ms    [User: 75.3 ms, System: 3.7 ms]
  Range (min … max):    77.3 ms …  81.9 ms    37 runs
$ ./stas examples/hello_world.stas
$ wc -c ./a.out
356 ./a.out
$ ./stas examples/hello_world.stas -r
Hello world!
  • Includes a homegrown x86_64 code generator, peephole and tail call optimisations, including a register allocator, dead code eliminator, and compile time evaluation of pure functions.
  • The 1.0 stas compiler was bootstrapped from the V programming language!
  • Read More Here!
  1. cs/release-stas-0.2.0
  2. tags/stas
  3. github/stas
  4. github-releases/0.2.0

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